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The Power of First Impression to Entice Potential Customers through Intriguing Web Design


The first impression is the last impression. I am sure you must have read or heard this phrase dozens of time and it holds true for many things around us. Website design and layout is one aspect that is very important an interesting and unique design attract people big time. It is a known fact that humans make a judgment about anything they look at within a few seconds. And it is almost impossible to change that perspective.

In the cyber world, first impressions are critical for businesses worldwide as people visit a number of e-commerce websites in any given month. The number increases substantially during the holiday season and special occasions like Eid. That’s why successful promoting and selling a product on the Internet is nothing short of a tough journey. In this blog, I will try to define why businesses look for the assistance of an e-commerce web design Auckland company and how they can make it count for making their venture successful.


A Positive Impression is Everything You Need to Flourish your Business


It takes not more than a second for most people to judge a website. So basically your business doesn’t stand a chance if it is not engaging enough. There are many things that play subconsciously when any visitor looks at your product or service on your website. Basically, you need to target two types of people to create the right impression with a stunning design of your website. Let me offer you a bit detail about these two types of people.


People Unaware of the Problem and Solution

There can be many scenarios where a person coming to your website is not sure of what he actually wants. You need to educate him in this regard and lead him to your product in a seemingly casual way. If your visitor has reached your website just by chance then it an opportunity for you to make a mark with a stunning design and equally spectacular offer. But if your customer has actually searched for your website and actually looking for a product just like you produce, it means he is aware of what he needs and is deciding which product to buy based on price or availability factors.


People Aware of the Problem and Looking for a Solution

A person belonging to this group is well aware of specifically what he needs. He may have watched an ad about the type of product he is looking and now is on your website. Your landing page’s design and content are what that can really make the difference. If you are able to gather enough information from him from the landing page then you can reap good benefits as a result. A conversational tone and simple but engaging design are what will do the trick for you.


Quality of the Website Design


Quality of the design is important for any website. Pictures and apt graphics are what can really make the difference between an engaging design and an average one. The impression of a high quality and unique image will be huge in comparison with a stock image that a visitor must have seen in the past. A professional photographer can make a world of difference as his expertise will be enough for you to make a mark.


Know your Audience


The information that you will gather on the landing page will be crucial for you to know your audience as a whole. If you are marketing a top end smartphone, you need sophisticated design and ambiance of the webpage rather than a funky design that will entice teenagers. The target market for a smartphone costing well over 800 dollars is a niche one and you need to add deft touches to it to make sure you can make every visitor looking forward to knowing more about your product and stay more on your website. This can surely be a deciding factor in your favor.


Final Word


The fact that there are hundreds of thousands of ecommerce websites design company available calls for unique design and product offering to attract potential visitors. If you want to know more about what you can do to have more customer, then please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below.